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Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao PLLC divorce attorneys' effectively represents clients in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Fairfax and across Northern Virginia area in divorce and family law cases.

Members of our law firm having been practicing family law since as early as 1978. We observe that people often are unprepared for serious marital or family disruptions, they are embarrassed and do not know what to do. Our goal is to craft solutions to family law problems that are comprehensive. We consider your philosophical position about the problem. Maybe the relationship can be rescued, and if not perhaps the break up can be amicable. We consider your emotional needs and the needs of your children, and we can help you find the solutions you require. We can help you find ways to rearrange your finances. We consider the assets you have and debts you face, and we can help you craft a plan for your future. If you have to go to court, you should know that we appear regularly (almost daily) in Virginia courts spanning a wide geographic area.
Maybe you will go to Court!

  • Can you choose which court should hear your case?
  • What will the judge be like? What are the rules of evidence?
  • What law applies?
  • What witnesses will you need?
  • What documents do you have to introduce to prove your case?
  • What actions should you take while the case is pending?
  • How do you survive if the case takes time to proceed through the court?

We can help you find the answers to these questions, and more……
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Comprehensive Family Law Services

When you face the possibility of the end of a relationship, or have difficult family issues, you potentially face a complex and confusing array of decisions and seemingly insurmountable issues. While you are contending with the emotional effect of these problems you have to make serious and potentially long lasting decisions about children, homes, jobs, bills, insurance, lifestyle and long term plans. The options you must choose from are affected by your specific circumstances and an array of laws.

Let us help you through your life-changing situation. We do truly care about our client's circumstances and we desire to do what we can to resolve your issues favorably.