Experienced Non Profit Law Attorneys at Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao PLLC in Northern and Central Virginia

Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao PLLC church and nonprofit law attorneys' effectively represent churches and other non-charitable organizations in the Fredericksburg and Richmond VA areas.

Our attorneys have experience in helping both individuals and groups forming a charitable organization. Many organizations whose primary goals are charitable, religious, educational or civic qualify for tax-exempt status under the IRS code. We can help you navigate through the complex process of obtaining and maintaining this status.

Church Law Attorneys

Even though churches and other religious ministries share some similar issues as other nonprofits, they also have unique needs with their protected First Amendment status. Our law firm is experienced in guiding you through the issues involved in maintaining a churches' tax-exempt status.

We can work with your church in addressing the full range of legal or tax issues that the organization is confronted with. We handle discrete legal issues when our specialized knowledge is needed to supplement the organization's executive team. And our principal role is to provide the experience and substantive knowledge needed to guide them through voluntary disclosure, criminal investigations, or state or federal court action.

In representing churches and other non-profit entities our firm has considerable experience in church law and non-profit law in general. As church lawyers and non-profit lawyers we provide legal support to religious and other non-profit institutions in a variety of situations including but not limited to the following:

  • Obtaining and maintaining their non-profit status with the IRS and local tax agencies, including 501 C 3 Applications
  • The purchase or sale, lease, development and use of real estate, including construction of commercial buildings
  • Contract review, enforcement, defense and litigation Mediation, arbitration and litigation of a variety of legal matters
  • Employee relations both drafting of policies and contracts, and the enforcement of same
  • Formation and reformation of churches and nonprofit entities, including incorporation, drafting of Constitutions and Bylaws
  • Drafting policies and forms related to supervision of children in daycare and nursery settings during church services
  • Formulation policies and forms for church, Sunday School and daycare child protective policies
  • Drafting policies and forms related to the church providing “counseling” services
  • Defense against “hostile takeovers” or disputes between the local entity and the parent organization, and in other contexts

Contact our church law attorneys today so we can help you navigate through issues pertaining to churches and religious ministries.